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Merial Introduces Tool to Monitor Parasite Pressure in Pastures

Merial introduces a new parasite pressure tool that will allow cattle producers to monitor parasite pressure in their pastures and become aware of the conditions that could threaten their cattle. The tool was developed for and added to the LONGRANGE® (eprinomectin) extended-release injectable website.

Parasite infections can lead to a number of herd health problems, including negative effects on the immune system,1 decreased appetites,decreased weaning weights3 and lower conception rates.4 Because parasites cannot be seen in plain sight, the parasite pressure tool will allow producers to see when and why their cattle are at risk.

Based on a producer’s Zip code and forage type, the tool calculates a custom Grass Growth Index (GGI) and a Nematode Suitability Index (NSI), which show the likelihood of parasite presence within the grass type at specific times of the year.

When a producer enters their location and operation’s forage type, the tool generates the GGI and NSI on a scale of 0-100; 100 represents extremely favorable conditions for grass growth and parasite infection.

“This tool allows producers to be one step ahead of parasites by knowing when and where they are prevalent,” says Steve Vandeberg, Director of Endectocide Marketing, Merial. “We hope producers take advantage of the benefits this innovative resource can offer.”

With the information the tool provides, producers can work with their veterinarian to choose the parasite control product that is best suited to battle parasites present in their pasture.

LONGRANGE, from Merial, is an extended-release dewormer that delivers up to 150 days of continuous parasite control in a single dose.5 One subcutaneous injection offers producers season-long treatment that can help save time and money.

Labeled for treating numerous species of internal and external parasites, LONGRANGE is the go-to solution for producers with cattle on grass.

Producers can learn more about the parasite pressure tool and LONGRANGE by visiting or contacting their local Merial Sales Representative.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: Do not treat within 48 days of slaughter. Not for use in female dairy cattle 20 months of age or older, including dry dairy cows, or in veal calves. Post-injection site damage (e.g., granulomas, necrosis) can occur. These reactions have disappeared without treatment.