Dinamica Generale® Introduces SMARTControl™ Wireless Scale & Hydraulic Controller for Superior Command of Loading and Feedout

\"SMARTControl_WeighttoHydaulic\"MADISON, Wis. (Sept. 28, 2015) — dinamica generale US is pleased to introduce the SMARTControl wireless scale and hydraulic controller at World Dairy Expo 2015.

The SMARTControl is a fully customizable wireless system that allows producers to have total control of all weighing and hydraulic systems from a hand held device in the tractor cab or in the field, says dinamica generale OEM Sales Manager Tammy Scharlat. According to Scharlat, the SMARTControl is a groundbreaking advancement in wireless scale technology.

“What makes the SMARTControl so unique is its ability to control both ration weighing and hydraulic systems from a single hand held unit,” says Scharlat. “SMARTControl can be as simple as a wireless scale with limited functionality, a wireless hydraulic control functions only, and as advanced as having all scale and hydraulic functions at once. The SMARTControl is completely customizable to the producer’s needs.”

The SMARTControl system links to load cells with a “smart box” mounted on the mixer or spreader. During the loading phase, the operator can use the SMARTControl to control real-time weight information based on the ration recipe programmed into the system. During feedout, the SMARTControl manages all hydraulic functions, including the open and close of the discharge doors, belt activation and other processes.

The SMARTControl hand held weighing system can be programmed with 99 different ration recipes and up to 48 different distribution programs. According to Scharlat, the SMARTControl has a wireless range of 328 ft (100 m) and an operational battery life of 8 hours.

“SMARTControl is a user-friendly system that can be used in all models of mixers, spreaders, grain carts and other processes that utilize weighing and hydraulic control,” says Scharlat. “We anticipate SMARTControl to be commercially available by the end of 2015 and be price competitive with current non-wireless options.”

The SMARTControl will be on display at the dinamica generale World Dairy Expo Booth EH-3613. Producers that reserve their SMARTControl hand held system at World Dairy Expo will receive 10% off of their final purchase. Producers can also reserve their SMARTControl by visiting www.dinamicagenerale.us 

dinamica generale will also be featuring the DinaTEL3 smart phone & tablet app at the booth. The DinaTEL3 app – available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store – allows the producer to control all functionalities of their scale and ration recipe right from their mobile or tablet device.

dinamica generale is an Italian company founded in 1990 with a focus on the research, development and production of load cells and innovative electronic weighing systems for agriculture and numerous other industries. dinamica generale also specializes in optoelectronic and NIR technology for real-time dry matter monitoring.

For more information, contact Tammy Scharlat at 515-313-5388, tammy@dinamicagenerale.com or visit World Dairy Expo booth EH-3613.