Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. Introduces Market Ready® Quality Feeder Calf Preconditioning Program

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. (September 1, 2015) — Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. (BIVI) announces the introduction of the Market Ready® Quality Feeder Calf Preconditioning Program for beef producers. Industry research studies have shown an average net return from preconditioning ranging from $25 – $33 per head, making it just one of the many pieces producers need when capturing more value for their calves.

Formerly known as Range Ready®, the re-branded preconditioning program aligns with the needs of today\’s beef producers, and reflects what buyers are looking for. The goal of the program is to help beef producers deliver healthy, high-performing calves, while allowing management flexibility.

\”The MARKET READY preconditioning program complements a multitude of prevention-based platforms that BIVI offers to the cattle industry,\” explains Matt Williams, Brand Manager, U.S. Cattle Marketing for BIVI. \”This program offers an effective tool that utilizes sound vaccine and deworming protocols, which ultimately lead to a healthier animal throughout the remainder of its life.\”

The program includes three flexible protocol options:

1. KCH 34 PLUS: Calves vaccinated at branding age and vaccinated two to six weeks prior to shipping.
2. KCH 45: Calves must be vaccinated twice. Producers can choose vaccination at preweaning or weaning AND at weaning or post weaning. Calves must be weaned 45 days.
3. KCH 45 PREMIUM: Calves must be vaccinated three times, including branding age, preweaning or weaning age, and weaning or post weaning. Calves must be weaned 45 days.

Producers can receive a sale barn certificate from a BIVI representative for verification, which captures what products were used when and where. \”When a buyer receives a signed MARKET READY sale barn certificate, they can be confident that the animals purchased received a high-quality health program that they can believe in, and that BIVI stands behind,\” says Williams.

The preconditioning program expands upon BIVI\’s philosophy of Keeping Calves Healthy (KCH) from the very beginning. \”The MARKET READY Preconditioning Program reinforces the shared commitment we have in the lifelong welfare of the calves,\” states Dr. John Davidson, Senior Professional Services Veterinarian for BIVI. \”It really is more than simply getting the calves to market. Excellent health starts before weaning, and carries all the way through a more enjoyable consumer experience.\”

The MARKET READY Preconditioning Program incorporates Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. vaccines like Pyramid,® Presponse,® Alpha™ and Caliber® into the three protocols, along with Cydectin® and Synanthic® for parasite control.
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