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Working with a Veterinarian

It pays to have a good working relationship with a veterinarian, to assist in herd health management strategy and preventative medicine, rather than just relying on a veterinarian for emergencies.

Dr. David Van Metre, Associate Professor, Colorado State University, says many diseases are more successfully prevented than treated. “If a health problem develops in a herd, something has already gone wrong. Most veterinarians can serve as an important resource to help the stockman figure out why certain diseases occur—and how management and environment can be changed to help prevent the disease,” he says. Learn more

Nutrition Key to Successful Reproduction

“A calf from every cow, every year” is the common goal and expectation given to beef brood cows across the farms and ranches of our great nation. Beef cattle reproduction is the foundation for profitability and failure to do so is a foremost criterion for culling. Unless calves are conceived, born and weaned, neither the commercial cattleman nor seedstock producer has a product to sell.

Unfortunately, the goals and priorities of cattleman are not the same for the cow. While the producer’s focus is profitability, the cow’s is merely survival. In fact to help assure her survival, a cow utilizes a process called nutrient partitioning. In other words, certain biological processes are prioritized with regard to where nutrients are first used. Those priorities are generally as follows: basic metabolism (staying alive), lactation, growth and reproduction. Learn more